( 三文鱼; 연어 )

Farmed Atlantic Salmon is the most famous Norwegian in the world. It has been farmed in the Norwegian fjords for more than 40 years, and we have perfected our expertise. Salmon can be enjoyed fresh, fried, steamed of boiled, and is delivered directly from Norway 3-5 days after slaughter.


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Norwegian Salmon is available all year round.

We are proud to work with professionals who understand the importance
of quality where origin matters.

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  • Salmon

    ( 三文鱼; 연어 )

  • Cod

    ( 金鳕鱼; 대구 )

  • Whelk

    ( 北蛾螺; 골뱅이 )

  • Red King Crab

    ( 帝王蟹; 킹크랩 )

  • Brown Crab

    ( 面包蟹; 브라운 크랩 )

  • King Scallops

    ( 欧洲扇贝; 가리비 )

  • Sea Cucumber

    ( 北大西洋海参; 해삼 )

  • Blue Mussels

    ( 贻贝 ; 블루 홍합 )

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