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Northern Norway

About Nordøy Sea

Nordøy Sea is a seafood supplier located in Sandnessjøen at the Helgeland Coast, surrounded by the most beautiful nature in Northern Norway. Our mission is to supply the highest quality seafood by the shortest supply chain worldwide. 

Nordøy family is one of the pioneers in the Norwegian seafood business since 1970. The family’s extensive expertise in harvesting, processing, and exporting seafood has been a cornerstone of our existence. We innovate our integrated value chain everyday to extract the values of our ocean in the most sustainable ways because we are aware of that we have a responsibility to pass our nature on to the future generation. 

a unique variety

perfect location

We value people
we care about future

we love to talk to our customers

Beyond the best

We provide the premium quality seafood no matter what and we avoid short term effects to develop a sustainable solution together.

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